America's Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Of 2015 [Infographic]

America's love affair with plastic surgery ispretty intense. Last year, there was a grand total of 1.7 million cosmetic surgery procedures across the United States, a 2 percent increase on 2014. Breast augmentation wasmost in demand with 279,143 procedures recorded by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The battle with the [...]

How Hip-Hop Cash Prince Fetty Wap Went From Paterson To Primetime

Hip Hop Cash Prince Fetty Wap continues to demonstrate that not all rap stars are changed negatively by fame and fortune. The Paterson, NJ native emerged on the music scene in 2014 with his highly popular single “Trap Queen” which earned him two Grammy nominations and a number two spot [...]

Here's the Clearest Sign the Fed Is Getting Ready for Negative Rates

The Dodd-Frank Act requires the Fed to conduct yearly “stress tests” on major banks. They do this by giving the banks a set of hypothetical economic scenarios. The Fed released this year’s scenarioson January 28. The “severely adverse” scenario instructed banks to test their systems for a deep recession, a 10-year [...]

3 Ways Location-Based Marketing Is Shaping Retail In 2016

Retailers, welcome to 2016. Mobile is all around us and digital technologies are changing faster than most brands can keep up with. Agility is the key to success, but exactly how can retailers remain up to speed with consumers today? Enter location-based marketing. Location-based marketing integrates mobile content with location-based services. [...]