Broken Promises: How The FCC Is Quietly Discouraging Broadband Investment

FCC Chairman TomWheeler: Read My Lips. No New Price Regulation. (PhotobyMichael Nagle/Bloomberg) The Wall Street Journal reported last week that year-over-year broadband investment was down slightly in 2015, compared to sizable growth in 2013 and 2014. The most obvious culprit: heavy-handed FCC Internet regulation, announced in November 2014 and ordered up [...]

Georgia Plays State Championship Basketball Games With Goals In Wrong Spot

VideoIn the movie "Hoosiers"Coach Norman Dale, upon arriving with his Hickory Huskers at massive Butler Fieldhouse for the state championship basketball game, breaks outa tape measure to show them that the height of the rim, and the distance between the rim and the free-throw line, are "the exact same measurements [...]

'No-Gay Thursday' -- Another Horrible Chapter of High School Sports Hazing

High school sports hazing stories are depressingly similar: somebody gets attacked in a sexually violent way, the community circles the wagons around the offenders (because they're good kids from a good community), the victim silently leaves for parts unknown, and while there might be repercussions for adults, there is little [...]