Japanese Response To UN Proposed Ban For Media Depicting Sexual Violence Is Cogent And Sane

In one of those rare moments where you rekindle your faith in humanity, Kumiko Yamada of the Japanese Women’s Institute Of Contemporary Media Culture has stood up to defend the usage of sexual violence in media with a refreshingly cogent and sane set of arguments.

Data Security Is Both The Appeal And Angst Of Cloud Computing

It's almost a paradox. The number-one reason to stay away from the cloud -- security -- has also become the number-one reason to go into the cloud. Private clouds are seen as the best havens for secure data, but public cloud services are also seen as more secure than traditional on-premises systems.

Apple's Disappearing iPad Air

Ahead of Apple's expected launch event in March (with Jim Dalrymple suggesting March 21st "sounds right"), there are more signs from the supply chain that both the iPhone and the iPad ranges will receive new hardware. That new hardware is likely going to reduce demand for the existing models, so it's time to clear out as many units as possible.