Positive Childhood Experiences May Impact Long-Term Health More Than the Bad Ones

When it comes to our long-term health, a new study reveals the importance of having positive childhood experiences, especially for those who have experienced significant adversity as a child.
Over the last two decades, research has established a link between the number of adverse childhood events (such as death or divorce) and poor health outcomes later in life.

Exercising at Home Can Benefit Parkinson’s Patients

A new study finds that Parkinson’s patients who completed a 6-month cycling program showed significantly better cardiovascular fitness and reduced motor disability, compared to a control group of patients who only did stretches.
The findings from the Park-in-Shape study, funded by ZonMW (Netherlands Organization for Health Research & Development), were published in The Lancet Neurology.

Best Laptops for Kids 2019: The Top Laptops for Kids in Elementary School and Beyond

From our friends at TechRadar: The best laptop for kids will usually take the form of a rugged, cheap tablet… that is, if they’re to be used by young to school age kids. If you’re kid is in high school, you might want to go for a proper laptop, especially when it’s for school projects and homework.

Acetaminophen While Pregnant Linked With Difficult Childhood Behaviors

A new study has found a link between taking acetaminophen — also known as paracetamol, brand name Tylenol — while pregnant, and hyperactivity, attention problems, and other difficult behaviors in young children.
Using questionnaire and school information from Bristol’s Children of the 90s study, researchers examined 14,000 children.
When they were seven months pregnant 43 percent of their mothers said they had taken paracetamol “sometimes or more often” during the previous three months.